Catering Information

Thank you for considering us for your catering needs! These are the prices and items that we are willing to provide for your event:

$4.00 24 oz. Flavored Soda

$3.00 Full Sized Cookie (~4″ diameter)

$2.00 Social Size Cookie (~ 2.75″ diameter)

  • We will require a guest count and your cost will be based on the items that you’d like provided and the number of people that you expect. 
  • We will be prepared with additional cookies and cups if you’d like, and would charge for any provided above the original guest count. You would have to determine if guests are going to be able to receive more than one soda/cookie. 
  • Included in the price of the sodas is 2 hours of in-person soda mixing. Any additional time will be $25.00 per hour.

Fill out this contact form and we will reach out to confirm scheduling and details of your event.